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Some where I have read that we should use views template xxxxx.tpl.php file to not implement complex logic. I want to show a search results message to the user. The message is not made of mere row count but it has little bit of logic depending on what options he has selected.

I have implemented this logic in my view mymodule-view-grid--apartments--listing-row-filtered.tpltemplate.tpl.

I don't think this is complicated logic that's why I went on and implemented this logic but a question always bothers me is that where should I implement this logic if at all I have to implement it outside and how to pass this variable to this template.


  $view = views_get_current_view();
  $rowCount = $view->total_rows; 

  isset($view->exposed_input['field_location_tid'])?$ltid = $view->exposed_input['field_location_tid']:$ltid = 'All';

  //force to all if landing directly
  $city = taxonomy_term_load($view->exposed_input['field_city_tr_tid'])->name;
  $locationName = $ltid == 'All'?'':' in ' . taxonomy_term_load($view->exposed_input['field_location_tid'])->name;
  $resultText = "Properties in $city: Your search criteria matched $rowCount properties$locationName";


<h3><?php print($resultText);?></h3>
... and rest of the template follows unchanged
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Templates are for displaying content, not building it, so you're right to want to avoid this.

Drupal allows you to preprocess any theme function to add variables. I guess in your case it would be something like

function MYTHEME_preprocess_views_view_grid(&$vars) {
  if ($vars['view']->name == 'some_view') {
    $vars['foo'] = markup_building_function();

Then back in the template file you can output that var like so:

<?php echo $foo; ?>
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Clive, I think you mean mytheme_preprocess_views_view? From my debug output it looks like the template is processed before the preprocessor. I can see the new variable in the $variables but not in the template. What I am missing? – Dudepal Mar 3 '14 at 10:59
Yeah I think you're right, does the update answer work? – Clive Mar 3 '14 at 11:12
No cleave, Just before your answer I read an article and tried these hooks aswell preprocess_views_grid, preprocess_views_list, preprocess_views_realia_grid I got realia grid from the export code which is this $handler->display->display_options['style_plugin'] = 'realia_grid'; These are not even calling the hook – Dudepal Mar 3 '14 at 11:23
Hmm, that should work if memory serves but I guess something's changed or I've just got it horribly wrong. You can always use MYTHEME_preprocess_views_views and check $view->name and $view->current_display, that will definitely work – Clive Mar 3 '14 at 11:41
yes its working but it looks like this hook is called after the template is processed. I have placed a debug code to display the variable in both hook and template. Its printing first empty in template and second the value from the hook – Dudepal Mar 3 '14 at 11:45

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