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I have a form with three form elements:

  1. '#type' => 'radios' element having two options (Yes or No),
  2. '#type' => 'submit' &
  3. '#type' => 'checkbox'

When the user lands on the form page, he should only see the radios element first and can see the checkbox & submit elements only if he selects an option from radios element.

Is there a Drupal way to do this using the Form API?

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You can use #states attribute in form api to hide submit button and check box

For Example

$form['email_canceled']['settings'] = array(
    '#type' => 'container',
    '#states' => array(

      // Hide the settings when the cancel notify checkbox is disabled.

      'invisible' => array(

       ':input[name="email_canceled_toggle"]' => array('checked' => FALSE),
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