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What are the possible ways to import content into Drupal 7? From which data sources, existing modules, tools.

This also can be considered as "clean" data migration from drupal-5(6) to fresh drupal-7.


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I'm looking for the same thing you are. One thing about the drupal world that is lame is that there is a constantly changing landscape of modules that get created and then aren't maintained.

So for example I found a solution involving the Table Wizard and Migrate modules: http://www.lullabot.com/articles/drupal-data-imports-migrate-and-table-wizard However the Table Wizard module is not available for Drupal 7. If you go to that module it will say it was deprecated in favor of the Data module. But then that module is not available for Drupal 7 either. The Data module will in turn suggest using the Feeds module, but the Feeds module is in alpha stage does not install properly on Drupal 7.7.

Maddening. I would leave the Drupal world for web2py or Django, however, that would increase my hosting costs as you can typically run dozens of php sites for a low fixed cost, whereas python sites often consume metered resources.

I did find this blog: http://btmash.com/article/2011-02-25/migrating-content-using-migrate-module which discusses using the Migrate module. I'm going to give this a shot.


This is what I ended up doing to import node data from an old drupal 5 site to a freshly installed Drupal 7.10 site.

Setup the content type that I wanted to import to in D7

Exported node data from D5 site by using php MyAdmin. Executed the following query and then clicked export query, and chose CSV as the output format.


`node` n
INNER JOIN `content_type_idea` i ON n.nid = i.nid
INNER JOIN `location_instance` li ON n.nid = li.nid
INNER JOIN `location` l ON li.lid = l.lid
INNER JOIN `location_phone` lp ON li.lid = lp.lid

Added a header row to the csv file by typing in names of my choosing:


Installed Feeds 7.x-2.x-dev (needed the dev version at the time of this writing for it to be able to import data into an addressfield) and activated module.

Went to structure->Feed Importers->Add Importer. Followed the instructions which were pretty straightforward. Voila I was able to import my node data pretty painlessly.


Even i faced same problem. After trying few export modules, decided to write my own php code to move content from drupal 4 to drupal 7. Here i am sharing the link, someone may get some help out of this: http://goo.gl/GPmG9F