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I have view which contains all nodes of a content type(article). default sort criteria of view is recent nodes. But i have three links Most Viewed, Most Favorited, Latest.I have to sort this view by clicking on these links .

I am making a node favorite by using flag module .

How can i achieve that .

Please Help.

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  • Create three different views, Most Viewed, Latest, Most favourite with display type block.
  • For sorting by views, You need to enable statistics module.
  • For sorting by latest, use post date sort filter in views.
  • For sorting by favourite, flag module has integration with views. You can able to create a filter to sort by number of flags.
  • Use Quick Tabs module to group above three different view blocks as a single block and display it where ever needed.
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Thanks Anil ! I am trying your solution . will let you know if it works .. – Yatendra Singh Mar 28 '14 at 7:22
Anil i need one more favor, how can i render these tabs in my views template file . Thanks – Yatendra Singh Mar 28 '14 at 12:05

You can achieve it using VIEWS.

First of all enable statistics module and create 3 blocks Most Viewed, Most Favorited, Latest and Add required fields

enter image description here

  • Views : Latest Block

    • Sort by POST DATE
    • enter image description here
  • Views : Most Viewed Block

    • Enable statistics module and go to admin/config/system/statistics configuration page and check Count content views

      enter image description here

    • Add the statistics counter field in VIEWS BLOCK if you want to see the count

      enter image description here

    • Add Add filter criteria to sort the VIEWS block to sort based on most Viewed

      enter image description here

  • Views : Most Favorited Block

    • Add the relationship

      enter image description here

      enter image description here

      enter image description here

    • Add filter criteria to sort based on flags

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