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I am using variable_get('name-of-setting', 'default-value') to retrieve module/theme settings in several locations in code.

The purpose is to keep default settings in one locations preferable in .info file. I am able to this for themes:

variable_get('name-of-setting', theme_get_setting('name-of-setting'));

Here the theme_get_setting() retrieves the settings from the theme-name.info file:

settings['name-of-setting'] = some_value

Can i do the same for modules? What is the API to retrieve settings from module .info file? If not, how do you handle module default settings to avoid it scatter around code?

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You're probably looking for drupal_parse_info_file()

Parses Drupal module and theme .info files.

Info files are NOT for placing arbitrary theme and module-specific settings. Use variable_get() and variable_set() for that.

Pay attention to the second paragraph - it applies to you :)

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Thank You Clive – latvian Apr 27 '14 at 0:17

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