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I'm aware of mysqldump utility, but is there any way of dumping a single table from database using drush (e.g. for sql-dump, sql-sync)?

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You can use --tables-list option on drush command to dump specific tables.

drush sql-dump --tables-list=node,system > exportdb.sql

Above command will only make sql-dump for node and system tables.


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First of all "--table-list" is unknown option. Actually "-tables-list" is used. Second thing that correct option "--tables-list" is not working on Windows machine and full DB dump will be created instead. – Vasyl Zaytsev Jan 26 '15 at 17:11
Tested drush sql-dump --tables-list=rules_config --ordered-dump on Drush 8.1-dev, it seems to work fine. – kenorb Apr 4 at 16:38

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