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How can I install the a specific version of Drush, for example 5.9.0?

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How is this too broad? "There are either too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long for this format." There's a single, recommended way to install, given in a concise answer. – Hugo Jul 3 '14 at 4:59
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The recommended way to install Drush is via composer.

composer global require drush/drush:5.9.0

See the Drush README for instructions on installing composer.

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A specific version of Drush can be installed using PEAR:

 sudo apt-get install php-pear

 pear channel-discover pear.drush.org

And then:

sudo pear install drush/drush-5.9.0
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Pear is no longer a supported installation method; best to move on to composer, as you won't necessarily be able to continue to use pear to get future versions of Drush. – greg_1_anderson Jun 13 '14 at 10:02
@greg_1_anderson Is it really "no longer supported"? Drush 7.x is the dev branch, Drush 6.x is stable. Drush 6.x GitHub branch README.md(github.com/drush-ops/drush/blob/6.x/README.md) still has pear install instructions. – Pete Aug 16 '14 at 0:47
It looks like msonnabaum is still supporting PEAR for the 6.x branch; however, you may need to wait a bit for releases. See github.com/drush-ops/drush/issues/655. Drush 7 has never been packaged for PEAR, and probably never will be, so it would be best to move on to composer at some point. – greg_1_anderson Aug 18 '14 at 18:32

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