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I have a live website with 200 active users per hour, I put the site in maintenance mode for make some changes. You know the admin view is pretty different than the anonymous view of my website or other user roles views.

I need to know how to see how the anonymous and other roles will see my website after the changes I did "for see if everything is ok". I know you are going to answer "use local enviroment and then use backup and migrate" well I already use it but if preffer to ensure that everything is ok in the live site before take off the maintenance mode.

Thanks for your advice.

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This is exactly what the Maintenance Exempt module was built for. From the project description:

This D7+ module allows specific people to perform the necessary testing on the site with all role combinations without opening the site up to all of your visitors.

Exemptions can be added by:

  • Specifying a list of IP addresses (individually or by CIDR notation)
  • Specifying a query string variable
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AWESOME! Thank you did not know that module and I was looking for something all this time ! – SsouLlesS Jul 17 '14 at 22:21

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