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I just enabled the Privatemsg Module in my Drupal 6. I would like to enable this module to all users, who join in the website. But the registered users cannot see the "Write new message and Messages" link.

Why the Privatemsg is not active in users section ?

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You should change permissions for the Privatemsg module for authenticated users or whatever role you want in the permissions page(admin/user/permissions)

See http://drupal.org/getting-started/6/admin/user/permissions

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Thanks hNiK, it works fine. – Ashok KS Oct 13 '11 at 5:18

In case you're talking about the local task in the user profile, that is meant for administrative purpose only (read all private messages permission).

The Privatemsg pages reside below /messages, a link to that page should have been added to the Navigation menu.

Privatemsg 6.x-2.x does allow to move it to the user profile by setting the url prefix in the settings to "user/%user/something".

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