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I am designing and ecommerce store and I am trying to sort the products by availability using a hook_view. My function product_eta_seconds return the current eta of a product. Here is my module:

function availability_sort_views_pre_render(&$view) {
  if ('uc_products' == $view->name && 'page_1' == $view->current_display) {

    $view->result = array_reverse($view->result);
    foreach ($view->result as $viewRow){
        $deliveryTime[] = product_eta_seconds($viewRow->nid);       
    $view->result = sortArrayByArray($view->result,$deliveryTime);

function sortArrayByArray($array,$orderArray) {
    $ordered = array();
    foreach($orderArray as $key=>$value) {
        if(array_key_exists($key,$array)) {

                $ordered[$key] = $array[$key];
    return $ordered + $array;

The problem is the view->result returns only 9 items (my pager value) so when I look at page 2, there are results that should show up on the 1st page (with a lower eta). Is there a solution to get all items of the view without the pager and apply the pager, when the view is rendered ? Any other solution would suit though.

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I couldn't find any hook to sort the views result after the results so I ended up using the module "Views PHP" and sort my view using the following:

    $deliveryTime1Arr = delivery_time_lookup($row1->nid);
    $deliveryTime2Arr = delivery_time_lookup($row2->nid);
    if($deliveryTimeRow1>$deliveryTimeRow2) return 1;
    else if($deliveryTimeRow1 == $deliveryTimeRow2) return 0;
    else if($deliveryTimeRow1 < $deliveryTimeRow2) return -1;
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hook_views_post_execute – FLY Apr 23 '13 at 13:53
hook_views_post_execute does not help either ;( – user20741 Sep 5 '13 at 20:59

Drupal view pager is generated from the result of view query. Even if you alter your display with pre_render the total view result will not change. So the pager will not be altered with your custom result. Here you can use hook_views_query_alter to alter your query and display according to your need.

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