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I would like to make a new site using responsive design using the Omega theme. Are panels modules suitable for responsive design or should I use something else(like the Context module)? Thanks

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Two new ways of doing responsive design in Panels include Adaptivetheme 3.x and the Panoply distribution.

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Yes! I just did it.

Assuming 2 col and variants - you might need more for other layouts:

  1. In the lowest resolution @media query CSS I just set the '.panels-col-first' and '.panels-col-last' to { width: 99.9%; clear: both }.
  2. In higher resolution layouts, when you want it to go back to 2-col layout just undo the override { width: 49.9%; clear: none }


  • the % widths should add up to LESS than 100% if you want to support IE 6 and 7 as they have rounding errors. You can always do this in your special ie.css if you have one and really need that 0.2% back!
  • These classes should already be set to float left by the main Panels CSS, but you can override that too if needed.
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Great,thanks,I will try it! – sokratis Dec 17 '11 at 13:59

I had the same issue. No need to code in css to resolve the problem. --> Omega handle well panels in responsive design.

"Omega comes with a handful of panels layouts by default. If you enable Panels on your site with the Omega theme also enabled, and you go to add a new panel you will see Omega: 12, ( or 16 or 24) Column Grid listed. Choose one of those, then choose a layout. I'm embarrassed about how easy it was, and I never even knew!"

I found the solution on this page, second comment http://www.kendallsdesign.com/blog/omega-theme-responsive-design-resources

By the way, there is really good materials.

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