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Essentially I want to take a node and duplicate it. Take a node ID and programmatically create a copy of the node.
I want to be able to edit the newly created node, and maintain the data on the old node.

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I am aware of creating new nodes on the fly, and populating the values. example: timonweb.com/posts/… Just seeing if there was slicker way of going about it. – ThroneDigital Jan 28 at 22:46
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On entities, you can use is_new to signify a new entity to save, but you still need to unset nid (iirc), vid, and tnid manually. This saves unsetting log.

$new = clone $node;
$new->is_new = true;

Interestingly, the node_clone module incorrectly sets the properties to null, which is significant for databases that support NULL and DEFAULT separately (e.g. PostgreSQL).

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You may be happy with the replicate module which provides an API to do just that for any entity.

As stated in its README file (You'll find more in it) :

Very basic usage example:

 * Replicate Basic test function.
 * In this example we will suppose that there is a node with nid = 1 we want
 * to replicate.
function replicate_test_function() {
  // Load a newly created node as an entity.
  $entity = array_shift(entity_load('node', array(1)));

  // Duplicate the entity and save the replica.
  replicate_entity('node', $entity);

  // You can use replicate_clone_entity() instead, alter the replica afterward
  // and manually save the entity, but if you want to implement a generic
  // code like adding ' [Replicate]' to the end of every replicated node title,
  // use the API hook hook_replicate_entity_ENTITY_TYPE().
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You can load your node with node_load() and unset the nid and vid and then save the new node with node_save()

  $nid = 4;
  $node = node_load($nid);
  $new_node = $node;
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To the rescue again. Thank you Adrian. – ThroneDigital Jan 28 at 23:04
@ThroneDigital and again a pleasure ;-) good luck in your projects – Adrian Cid Almaguer Jan 28 at 23:05

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