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I have a very simple webform (ie. name, email, comments) that has begun giving this response to any submissions, no matter what they are:

Illegal information. Data not submitted.

Has anyone seen that before? The results are still saved in the webform but it causes confusion and people also enter their comments multiple times as a result.

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It seems that message is triggered by the _webform_submission_spam_check function. Looking at the code, it seems to check the following regular expression:

'/(b?cc\s?:)|(content\-type:)/i', $to . "\n" . $subject . "\n" . $from . "\n" . $headers

Maybe some of the submissions contain "cc" or "bcc" or "content-type"?

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Wow, brilliant. And weird. An email was configured to send from the form with a subject line that began with "CC: " and as soon as I changed that the message went away. Thanks! – Laryn - CEDC.org Jan 29 at 15:56

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