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Is it possible to define a "Domain Administrator" that would only be able to see the users (in the People interface) assigned to the same domain as itself? I've got a few Domain Access modules installed, but I still can't seem to figure this out.

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Have you tried the Domain Admin module? Looks like there's a bit of stuff in there. It's a shame that a few of the features listed are currently missing for Drupal 7 though.

Domain Admin adds more granular permissions to the Domain Access module and several of its sub-modules.

Currently the module allows the site admin to delegate the following tasks:

  • Access the domain overview page - delegated user will only be able to see the domains assigned to him/her (not there in D7 yet)
  • Editing of domain record, domain settings and domain theme
  • Administer primary and secondary menus (also navigation in D6)
  • Translate interface into the domain language (wont be ported to D7 - use i10n_client instead)
  • View, edit and delete all unpublished/own unpublished nodes on domain (needs to be tested in D7)
  • Administer book outline/ rearrange child pages of nodes on domain (requires book module)
  • View webform results on domain (requires webform module)
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I've tried it, and it does not offer the functionality I'm hoping for. – Tim Mar 15 '12 at 14:36

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