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I have several youtube videos listed on a page. I am currently loading them as Media Fields. What I would like to do is declare a single block (or perhaps a region) where the videos play no matter which video I select. SO rather than displaying the URL to a video, or the video itself, I want to display a play button.

Is there a standard way of doing this with Media, or do I have to create my own Javascript to insert the video into a "video player" block

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You could create a View that makes a Block, and set it to display videos that meet whichever criteria. Or, you can just embed videos directly in a block with embed code. You can try the Video module or Video Embed Field to show videos from another source or from your side.

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I think using embedded media field and media youtube modules will do.you have to create a block view of the respective media field content type.We have options either to display thumbnail or full video images.

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