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Only users with a "Sign Up Code" are allowed to sign up to the website. If they provide a valid signup code, they will be directed to a sign up page where they can provide user information, and PayPal processing is used to process the fee. On completion of payment an account is created.

How can I redirect user to Paypal?
How can I check the payment is paid by user?
How can I create the account if the user paid?

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This is a very broad question. I would advise revising it into several specific smaller questions. – Patrick Kenny Mar 27 '12 at 13:30
you changed the question completely !!! – zhilevan Feb 25 '14 at 8:18

Use the Drupal Commerce module.

  1. Add the Paypal payment method module; hook the login/register form to provide a different redirect page, or use the Rules module.
  2. You can look at the generated transaction.
  3. I would create the account anyway; set a flag, or something, for payed accounts.
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My suggestion for you is to use hook_user($op) implement it in your module, and work with $op.
I personally have done work like you want with that hook.

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I guess using Drupal commerce will be extra load(not sure).

Custom Way:

  • Over ride drupal registration form with your custom form
  • submit handler of your custom form will keep all submit value in session

How can I redirect user to Paypal?

  • You can create a custom payment script
  • commerce paypal module will be helpful to see the payment process.commerce paypal module has both off-site and on-site payment options.

How can I check the payment is paid by user?

  • IPN is what paypal returns after a payment(success or failure).
  • You can check IPN response to get the payment status. How can I create the account if the user paid?
  • If successful payment is done create user from session values using user_save() .
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