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So I have an event, which has a field called 'field_location'. I want to create a view on the event page where all other events are listed with the same location. In this case location is a node reference to a node (with content type 'location').

How can I dynamically filter all my event nodes on 'location value of the current event'? I tried this with contextual filters but here it only checks the field you use, in this case 'field_location', with the content id of the url.

I already tried this but without success.

Using PHP Code in the contextual filter

I get zero results.

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Use Page manager and panels and add the view as a content pane. Then, pass the node's field's value as an argument to the pane(s) on the panel and you should be good to go.

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Try this for you php code instead:

$node = menu_get_object();
return $node->field_location['und'][0]['target_id'];

Does that work?

There's a similar question with a few answers here too: views and contextual filters with entity reference field. There are also comments in that discussion about approaches that avoid poking around the node object and avoiding the ['und'][0] business. Check that out too!

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Alright tried that. I can't find a working solution. Is there also a way to output the value that you want to return to get an idea what's getting returned in the PHP Code? – Mr.B Apr 26 '12 at 19:06

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