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I have a non-profit website with only one product: a donation. The donation needs several different options for amount and an option for arbitrary amounts. It needs to integrate with Paypal which should handle the credit card information.

I would like to use the Webform Pay module but it doesn't have a stable Drupal 7 version. Is there a Drupal Commerce related module that handles this?

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Commerce guys created a nice screencast to show you how to do this in commerce. You can view it at http://commerceguys.com/blog/using-custom-line-items-provide-donation-feature-drupal-commerce

I have used this on pretty much every charity site I have done and it works well.

Here is a summary of the steps:

  1. Install Commerce Custom Line Items and Select or Other modules (along with Commerce, of course)

  2. Create a custom line item type using Commerce Custom Line Items or another module that provides line item types.

  3. Add a regular integer field to the line item type.

  4. Choose one of the "Select or other" widgets for the line item type.

  5. Create a content type with a product reference field.

  6. In the display settings for the product reference field's add-to-cart, choose the custom line item as the line item to use.

  7. Create a product.

  8. Create a piece of content of the type we created and add the product to it.

  9. Create a product pricing rule:

Condition: entity has field: field_donation_amount

Action: Calculate field_donation_amount * 100

Action: Line item: Set the unit price to value: calculated amount

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Try this sandbox: http://drupal.org/sandbox/tmsimont/1891418

I could use a maintainer, but I'm using this on a production website right now. It's a little tricky to set up at the moment, but if it generates interest I might get more involved.

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Maybe you want to try/experiment with the Commerce Donate module. Excerpt from its project page:

provides a donation line item type along with a donation product and product display.

In addition to being able to create a donation product, this module also provides a donation checkout pane, allowing customers to add a donation to their order as part of the checkout process.

Note: refer to this tutorial/screencast also for a great introduction to this module.

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Getting Donations and managing Donors are two slightly separate tasks. CiviCRM has full donor management tools that can be integrated with both Drupal and provides its own contribution forms with PayPal and many other payment gateways. Integration is also possible with Commerce/Ubercart if required. There are modules for the latter but we have found them problematic and have instead done the Commerce to CiviCRM integration using Drupal Rules and the CiviCRM Entities modules.

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I would recommend getting them to sign up to Adyen payment processor, which enables worldwide cash deposits and other payment methods (Credit cards and paypal too) and has no monthly or setup fees. Greenpeace use them.

Then use this: http://drupal.org/project/commerce_adyen

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