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I’ve enabled the function in my Organic Groups module where an admin of a group can send a message as a mail to all the group’s members. I’m forwarded to the page and when I enter a headline and content and press Send I’m getting the notification that the message has been send and there is X numbers of messages in queue for delivery but nobody ever receives any mail.

The first time I tried was over a month ago so either all the messages is in some kind of queue I can’t seem to find or they are never proper dispatched. I’ve tried finding a solution for this but with no result. I’ve enabled all the required messaging, simple mail and notification modules but still no mail.

Am I maybe forgetting some setting or is this an known error with the Organic Group module? I’m running Drupal 6.

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If I remember correctly you have to run cron for this job to execute.

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Hi Saadlulu. I tried that but with no result. I can see that the messaging service is set to use Simple, but I've also tried the other sending methods. – Mestika May 1 '12 at 6:48
Do u have access to your server? try running the mail queue. – saadlulu May 1 '12 at 11:03
I have access to the server panel (ispCP) that's it. But the funny thing is that other notifications (e.g. when someone flags a content with the Flag module) works fine and a mail is delivered. I've a hard time to figure out if the problem lies in the mail setting or the OG notification module. – Mestika May 2 '12 at 7:38

Can you check your cron and check that execution time is enough for cron. If you have simplenews module. it requires a cron time for letters. there is a setting for reducing letters for per cron from simplenews module settings.

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