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I'm in the process of upgrading to Drupal 7.12 from Drupal 6.25. I have been upgrading all my modules as well, and now is time to figure out how to migrate the data from CCK to D7 Fields.

I found the Migrating D6 Content Construction Kit (CCK) to D7 Fields article, which explains how to do this.

Unfortunately I after I update the CCK module, and enable the Content Migrate Module, I don't see where the Content Migrate Module under Admin -> Structure -> Content Migrate!

I'm stuck and I don't know what to do. Any ideas/suggestions?

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Before I could run the CCK migration I needed to run the mywebsite.com/update.php script before I could use the Migrate Fields.

That solved my issue.

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Running update.php just once is usually not sufficient. Follow the instructions in UPGRADE.txt carefully, or use the Drush Site Upgrade command. – greg_1_anderson Apr 29 '12 at 3:38

Download and enable the contributed Migrate module (eg using Drush).

For further information about how to use this module, read its Community Documentation.

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I used the Drush Site Upgrade command. It automatically converted my CCK fields to D7 fields core module.

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