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I am trying to understand the content-biasing. Somehow it has no effect on our installation.

Stepping through the code learns me that the query-string did change: the modified boost values like &bq=type:audio^1.0 show up, but have no effect on the search-results' sort-ordering or the $result["score"] value. the score remains exactly the same, no matter how high or low a bias is set.

Could it be cached somewhere on the solr server? (clear cache has no effect, code does not hint at caching it). Is this a known bug? Or an issue with the schema.xml?

Update: Enabling debugQuery=on shows me an explain:

1.7849035 = (MATCH) fieldWeight(body:assen in 1952), product of:
  1.0 = tf(termFreq(body:assen)=1)
  4.0797796 = idf(docFreq=900, maxDocs=19600)
  0.4375 = fieldNorm(field=body, doc=1952)
1.1041226 = (MATCH) fieldWeight(body:assen in 1682), product of:
  1.7320508 = tf(termFreq(body:assen)=3)
  4.0797796 = idf(docFreq=900, maxDocs=19600)
  0.15625 = fieldNorm(field=body, doc=1682)

The field=body worries me. Why does it only search in body? Why not just any text? And why

An example querystring:


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Turns out the solrconfig.xml for Drupal was not properly installed on the SOLR server. Which made it unable to parse the querystring properl with DisMax.

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