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I have a bunch of nodes with terms in a certain vocabulary. The vocabulary consists of doctors' specialties, like "Gynecology / Obstetrics". Terms in this vocabulary have a few extra fields:

  • Singular noun form ("Gynecologist / Obstetrician")
  • Plural noun form ("Gynecologists / Obstetricians")
  • URL string ("obgyn")

I have a view that displays all the nodes associated with the term. The view's path is "doctors/specialties/%", and it has a Contextual Filter for the URL String field of the taxonomy term, via a taxonomy Relationship. So when you go to /doctors/specialties/obgyn, you get a page with a heading "Gynecologists / Obstetricians" and then all the content with that term.

This view previously worked perfectly, but at some point something changed, and now it returns 404. The preview in the Views UI just says "No query was run". When I delete the Contextual Filter, it shows all the normal SQL, but when I re-add it, it goes back to "No query was run".

Here's a dump of the view. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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I had already flushed caches and reloaded the page twice (yes, I'm positive, and yes, I swear) when I originally asked this question, but at some point my view magically started working again. So I guess I should have just flushed caches and reloaded the page harder.

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When you add a contextual filter to a view, the preview should default to 'No query was run.' This is because you have to actually enter a value into the 'preview with contextual filters:' box before hitting preview. Doing this will refresh the preview and consequently show the SQL.

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