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Is there a way in which from my .module file I can assign a block in a specific region from Dashboard?

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It can be done in a simple way by mentioning a region key to the $blocks array in the HOOK_block_info(). Follow the code for reference,

     * Implements hook_block_info()
     * @return array
    function my_module_block_info() {
      $blocks = array();
      $blocks['leaderboard'] = array(
        'info' => t('Leaderboard'),
        'status' => 1,
        'region' => 'dashboard_main',
        'weight' => 99,
        'cache' => DRUPAL_CACHE_PER_ROLE,

      return $blocks;
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In .install file you can add following sql (change the appropriate values)

db_query("INSERT INTO {blocks} VALUES ('gjg', '0', 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 1, 'my*', '')");
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yes. see hook_block_info for region

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