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I have a content type with a field that has been set to inactive. This happened after I reverted my feature in an attempt to undo a change I made to the content type.

The error message given is the following:

This content type has inactive fields. Inactive fields are not included in lists of available fields until their modules are enabled.

I've disabled and re-enabled the feature module, but the field is still inactive.

How can I activate my field?

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I've had this quite a few times, I'm not sure what the initial problem is but I've solved it by doing either one of the following:

  1. Disabling the feature and re-enabling it
  2. If above fails disable delete content type then re-enable (not an option if there existing content on the site)
  3. Manually editing the content_field_instance table (D6) and enabling it there.
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Try: http://drupal.org/project/cck_manage_inactive.

Once you activate the module, the module will expose a new tab: "Manage inactive fields", on the content type administration page, usually: admin/content/node-type//fields-inactive.

It will allow you to completely remove, or re-activate the field(s).

Good luck!

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Everything related to fields configurations is inside field_config table. All the following columns should be correct for field to appear in entity/content type fields list : active : must be 1
storage_type : sql_field_storage or an alternative
storage_module : sql_field_storage or an alternative
storage_active : must be 1
deleted : must be 0

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This solution is for Drupal 7 by the way – sinasalek Oct 11 '12 at 8:36

"I fixed the problem by turning off ALL CCK modules and then turning them back on." http://drupal.org/node/883354

It seems that when I upgrade the core of Drupal, somehow the CCK modules where, automatically, activated before other modules that enable special field types.

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