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I am building an e-commerce site. When a shippable item is added to the cart I have to add some fixed shipping cost to the order which I am able to do with flat rate. But I have to add an option "Residential Delivery Fee" while showing shipping cost on checkout page. If user select this option during checkout then I have to add another shipping cost to the order.

I am unable to figure out that how to add this conditional shipping cost.

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If possible shift to Drupal Commerce and use the Rules magic sauce :P – Gokul N K Sep 2 '13 at 7:22

Here the idea,

  1. Using hook_checkout_pane() include your option "Residential Delivery Fee" as checkbox
  2. Then while saving order check if user selected this option. Use hook_order
  3. If user chose this option, you can add your shipping charge as line item with the function uc_order_line_item_add().


function hook_order(){
switch ($op) {
case 'save':
//if the checkbox was selected, we add the line item to the order. the following function  will add 100 to order total as shipping charge
      t('Residential Delivery Fee'), 
      array () 


I successfully implemented this idea for one of my client site

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