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I have a content type that student users can comment on. Tutors can go to each comment and respond with an answer.

On each node, I want to display the comments a user makes ONLY. Each comment should be a thread though, showing the responses from tutors.

Right now I have tried views and seen the potential to use a parent comment as relationship then filtering on the parent comment's uid. This however, doesn't bring out the needed functionality.

How do you think I can accomplish this. Any pointers appreciated.

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Hmmm, maybe this way:

  1. Create Views that view only comments. and filter from all comments only those, that was made by the users with role "student".
  2. With Display Suite module mark-up displaying of your content type - "screw" this view to your content type.
  3. Edit what view that is checked id of this node and show comments only for this node
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