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I'd like to insert a link in my node templates that displays when viewing nodes of a particular type (news). That link should lead to the news archive (node/26). Node 26 is a normal drupal page made in swedish (with a menu item and so on). On that page a block is displayed with a viewed list of news items.

There is a translated version of node/26 - translated with normal multi language modules.

What I'd lite for the system is to redirect from node/26 to the english translated version (node/27) if the current users language is english.

I have the module Translation Redirect activated - but it does not redirect.

If a redirect can't be achieved - is there any way that the link function can create the link depending on what the current language is (preferably without if-cases for each language).

Version is Drupal 7.

Thank you very much for any replies!

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Try Internationalization module – monymirza Nov 16 '12 at 4:47

according to the docs it should be enough to do something like this :

global $language;
$link = l('GO THERE','node/26',array('language' => $language));
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I ended up doing it this way:

$nodepath = "node/26";
$languagepaths = translation_path_get_translations($nodepath);
$currentlanguage = i18n_language()->language;
$path = $languagepaths[$currentlanguage];

if (preg_match('/^node/',$path)) {
    $path = "". drupal_get_path_alias($path, $currentlanguage);
} else {
   $path = $nodepath;
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global $language;
$link = url('node/26',array('language' => $language));
<a href="<?php print $link?>">My Page</a>

credit to mojzis solution.

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This should be the accepted answer. – stefgosselin Apr 4 at 3:35

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