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We offer a Drupal site to our client with a set of views. The client wants to edit a (predefined) set of views. So, say for example the application got 3 views. The client is allowed to edit one of them.

I have been looking for a module to take care of this but couldn't find any. I was hoping there would be a module which would take the Views tags into account, so you can set permissions on this tag. Say I assign the tag 'Client' to a view. I then can assign the edit permission for a certain role on this tag.

How would you solve this or is there already a solution available?


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If your client need only to edit the basic settings of some views (header, footer, title, or empty text...), you should give a try to the Views UI: Edit Basic Settings module. It allows you to define which views are editable by a certain role.

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Thanks. I missed that module in my research I guess. I will have a look at it, but actually I was looking for a module where users are also allowed to change the fields shown in the view, not only the basic settings. However, this is a good start :-) – Paul Dec 5 '12 at 10:12

Unfortunately that is not possible. Either a user is allowed to edit fields, or they're not. Having a view editable by the Views UI is also not desirable for version control

One workaround is to use a different content type that they can edit, which is editable as normal, and pull that through into the view.


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Hi and welcome to Drupal Answers. I would partially agree: it is not possible with existing modules; this could be possible in theory with a bit of coding. – Wtower May 6 '15 at 11:53

I needed the same functionality for my latest project, so I created a sandbox module for that.


It adds a permission per view you got. The menu path is not working for now, but i am going to check that soon.

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