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I have about 30 websites on Drupal. I'm looking for module or service where i can aggregate information from all websites in one place. I need information about number of nodes, comments, users, Drupal core and modules versions. Something like acquia insight but for more sites and cheaper :)

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The Similar Module Review's Administration module wiki lists several options.

The following show some usage statistics, as well as Drupal core and module updates:

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Take a look at Droptor. And the corresponding Droptor module.

30 websites looks like $696/year (the first one is free)

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I have good experience with the Production monitor project.

The prod_check server module is enabled in the master site, while the prod_check client module is enabled in all sites. You may tracks modules, alerts, and even performance to verify that the tracked sites are in a good working state.

It's not as extensive as acquia insight, but the module has an API which allows you to extend it to provide more metrics.

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Production monitor is awesome, but it doesn't provide usage statistics (which the OP requested). – smokris Dec 5 '12 at 21:33
He can write a simple module to add it. It will still be cheaper... – Druvision Dec 10 '12 at 10:32

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