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I want to install drush-toolbox project globaly on my linux server box so all users can use it. How can I do it?

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Put it in /usr/share/drush/commands for global accessibility. On Windows, Drush will look in the folder named "Drush/share/drush/commands" inside the location specified by the 'ALLUSERSPROFILE' environment variable.

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Newer versions of drush (6.2 here) are installed with composer, the new PHP dependency manager. So the installation of an additional command is now like this, in your case:

  1. Go to the installation directory for drush commands:

    cd [drupal-site-docroot]/vendor/drush/drush/commands

    This assumes the default case where composer installed drush for each of your Drupal sites separately (it can also install it once per user, or once system-wide – I prefer the latter).

  2. Download, unpack and clean up:

    mv drush-toolbox-master drush-toolbox;
  3. Clear the commandfile cache to register the new command:

    drush cc drush
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If you only need it for your local user on linux

then put plugin into


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