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Basically I have created a page and it shows up fine.

example of panel page with path set

When I do a arg or current_path on that page it shows as a 404 path, not the one defined in the page.

current_path() => error-404
$_GET[q] => error-404
arg() => array(0 => error-404)

Is there a function that returns the path/URL that is set in the Page?

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Node that current_path() returns the URL path of the current page, not the URL. So on the http://www.example.com/latest-deals page it will return just latest-deals.

If you need to convert that to an actual URL, use url(current_path()), which will return /latest-deals. Or url(current_path(), array('absolute' => TRUE)) if you need the absolute URL.

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Thank you for the answer @Artem M. Having current path return just a path and then turn that in to a URL is not a problem. It's getting the correct path back that is the problem – Paul Sheldrake Dec 10 '12 at 7:44

current_path() will return the path of the panel page.

The problem I was having was that we are using panels layouts for 404 pages as well. I had a missing file in the theme layer that was generating a 404 error and that was getting picked up and overriding current path for the page.

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