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Hello i have a Content Type that has been using a body field. Now i was wanting to use a CCK text field instead. Is there a way i can convert existing node body fields for this content type to my new cck field?


(drupal 6)

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Three options spring to mind:

  1. Views Bulk Operations. Safest if the amount of nodes to convert is manageable. You'll probably need to use custom PHP to make the conversion happen though, as the ready-made functionality won't cut your demands.
  2. Custom script where you load each node to be converted, modify the structure and run node_save().
  3. SQL query, either pure SQL or by custom Drupal (Drush) script. First create your content type, then see the database structure. Then select the body text from the table node_revisions and insert it into your field value column for each node.
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thanks kekkis. I use VBO but i wont be able to make the custom PHP so as you can guess that makes 2 not an option either for me. Ive messed about with the db before so maybe 3 would work. I have my content type 'vids' when i look in node_revisons table there doesnt seem to be a way to sort by content type. errrr – Reg Gordon Dec 29 '12 at 23:31
You have to join the node table to get the content type information: INNER JOIN node n ON nr.vid = n.vid where nr is the alias for node_revisions. – kekkis Dec 30 '12 at 11:42

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