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I have a menu which has a link to the homepage in it.

This link to the homepage has subItems. I was hoping for the menu item to expand and show the links of the lower lvl when i was at the homepage.

This does not happen. It does expand when i'm on one of the pages of the links of the lower lvl.

Is there any way i can expand this menu item when on the frontpage?

version: - drupal 7.14 - Menu 7.14

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Go to admin/structure/menu/manage/[your-menu-name] and Enable the show as expanded checkbox in your parent menu item settings.

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This is not what i want. That will make it so that it's always expanded, i only want it expanded when i'm on the homepage or one of it's sublinks –  stefaan dutry Dec 30 '12 at 18:41
Currently i have made the workaround of using the show as expanded checkbox and just hiding the sub-level with jQuery when it's not supposed to be shown. This does mean that the you get to see the bar for a brief period of time and it then disapears in those cases. So i would still appreciate a better solution. –  stefaan dutry Jan 5 '13 at 23:46
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