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I am trying to install the Om Maximenu while keeping the AT Base Theme's menu styling. I have followed the following instruction:

Main Menu - You have the option to make this as your main menu. This will automatically replace existing main menu for OM Base Theme. For other themes, add this to your page.tpl.php

However, this creates a new menu tab using OM Maximenu, which is not styled using the AT Base Theme. Moreover, the Maximenu styling doesn't play nice in mobile devices ... so I'd like to integrate the Maximenu features using the AT Base Theme menu bar / styling.

Unfortunately, OM Maximenu doesn't have any documentation available for installation.

Please Help, Thanks!

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Are you using the OM Base Theme or the AT Base Theme? – Alex Gill Dec 31 '12 at 9:30
Hi Alex, I have updated the question... I am using the AT Base Theme. – droopie Dec 31 '12 at 18:24

You could make two Om Maximenu blocks: one full width, and one mobile-style, and use Adaptive Theme's mobile blocks feature to drop one and enable the other based on either screen width or device detection, your choice.

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i'll kill this question off by saying that the original theme menu had to be removed, although unfortunately, OM Maximenu is not mobile friendly.

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