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In my Drupal 7 custom moudle, i would like to output result of form as an formatted array. Simmilar like you can print_r or printf arrays.

 $form['results'] = array(
            '#type'     => 'item',
            '#markup'   => $form_state['temporary']

so $form_state['temporary'] is array, but i do not want "array" text to show up but formatted array representation, whatewer is in it.


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Just try like:

'#markup' => '<pre>'.print_r($form_state['temporary'], true).'</pre>';

you could just save the print_r() value to variable and then output that to a Div or something ...

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Ah... of course, as simple as that, i an an blind fool... tnx :) – NenadP Jan 10 '13 at 22:40
@tenken, I am stuck on the part where you mention about "output that to a Div" , in my for submit I have set the results array but it does not print anywhere? – pal4life Nov 11 '14 at 3:04

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