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I would like to re-use some pdf files that doesn't change for my product content type and avoid to have by example:

node/product01-> product-datasheet-01.pdf

node/product02-> product-datasheet-02.pdf ...

but instead:


                  | --> product-datasheet.pdf


Already tried "File (Field) Paths" and "File (Field) Paths" modules but doesn't really fit on my needs because they works on single node.

Conf: D7+Ubercart3

thanks! LS

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Sounds like a job for:


  • Re-use files by an auto-complete textfield
  • Attach server-side files uploaded via FTP
  • Transfer files from a remote server (cURL required)
  • Select existing files through the IMCE file browser

filefield sources ui

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That's it !!! but was a bit tricky.. many thanks ;) – user1683455 Jan 15 '13 at 13:11

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