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I have 2 parallel Drupal Web Servers running (serving for one Drupal Instance together) and now i need to install NFS. My experience in multi Drupal Servers is, each Drupal Instance (Server) uses their own Aggregated JS + CSS files (storing in: sites/default/files/js and sites/default/files/css folders) which can NOT be used as common. (Files can not be the same for both Servers. They use their own ones.)

Based on these issues, my questions are:

  • How NFS actually works between Multi Drupal Servers?
  • Which directories will be/need to be shared between?
  • What will happen to Aggregated Files?
  • What will happen to Web User Uploads paths and files? (Need any configuration in Drupal?)

Can anyone share these knowledge/experience please?

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To prevent synchronization issues, you should mount the files directory as a shared folder over NFS between the drupal webservers, so that each Drupal instance has a symlink to the same file share


/var/www/drupal-site-mysite/sites/default/files -> /var/lib/sitedata/drupal-site-mysite/files

where /var/lib/sitedata/drupal-site-mysite/files is a NFS mount/share.

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Oh ok, i see something from your answer :D but not all yet. So what about Aggregated Files? How to "exclude" these? (These files can not be commonly used.) – 夏期劇場 Jan 16 '13 at 2:46
Aggregated files should be stored in the shared files folder – David Thomas Jan 16 '13 at 4:16

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