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I think that some help is really necessary as I have a serious problem with drupal 7. This is the scenario:

I want to make a calendar view that will show when music teachers are available, so that students can register online and attend a lesson. The courses have all the same duration which is 2 hours. For this, I created a content type called "Lessons" (Fields: title, description, teacher name, teacher email, date/time) and a content type using node reference module for registrations to each specific lesson. In that way students can register online for music lessons.

There are 2 problems with this:

  1. How can I have a fixed 2 hour duration in the day of the calendar view that won't let students register for more or less time than the two hours? I can not just hide the time fileds because the system must show them the time that the lesson takes place?

  2. I want to allow just one user register for each lesson and then the system must show that lesson as booked. To be more specific, I want the calendar to show the whole day seperated in 2-hour periods and which periods are free. When a user registers for a lesson, the lesson changes color (I can do this with css) and is marked as reserved so that the "next" user can only register for another of the open lessons and so on.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance

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As for #2, you could use the Flag module. Let a user "reserve" a lesson by flagging it, and then disallow registration for any lessons that have been flagged. Please note that on Drupal Answers, you will usually get better answers faster if you break each post up into one question rather than two as you have down here. If you have two fairly different questions, people will feel obligated to answer the whole thing when they may only have a good solution for part of it, discouraging them to respond. – Patrick Kenny Jan 17 '13 at 1:13
How is the registration handled now? IS it by just creating a node by the student or are you using any registration module. – Mohammed Shameem Jan 17 '13 at 3:37
Thanks for your response and for your advice! I will try the flag module right away! As for the registration, I tried the cck signup module but could not manage to understand it correctly. I want to try it again! For the moment, the student creates another content type and registers for the lesson. And I made a view to see who registered for each lesson. – Pam Adams Jan 17 '13 at 6:36

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