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i want to translate taxonomy terms and their description text. When I enable the module "entity-translation" and check "Taxnomie-terms" in admin/config/regional/entity_translation, the terms and descriptions get synchronized. Means: If I enter the German termname and description and switch to english and change it there, it also changes on the german translation.

The lables show:

  • Name (all languages)
  • Description (all languages)

And I don't know how to change that. Ideas for solving my problem welcome!

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Ad documented on the Entity Translation project page: "Title module allows to replace entity labels with fields to make them translatable." With the Title module you are able to replace the non-Field title and description properties taxonomy terms with Fields translatable with Entity Translation.

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Awesome, I never would have guessed that the Title module supports the description property too. – marcvangend Jun 2 '15 at 8:19

had the same issue, after hours of frustrating research we found the solution.

  • please check if you have "title" module installed.
  • then go to /admin/structure/taxonomy/[vocabulary_name]/fields
  • for title and description hit "replace"
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