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I am setting up some reports using DB API to query custom content fields, and rendering them in tables and charts. I am looking for a way to easily look up the names of tables and fields in the Drupal DB.

My Question: Is there a Devel-type module that provides an easy reference of the live DB schema?

Currently I'm using drush sql-cli and/or phpmyadmin, so the solution should be something simpler than that.

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I think the Schema Module can handle that...

  • Schema documentation: hyperlinked display of the schema's embedded documentation explaining what each table and field is for.

I confess I haven't tried it but the module page mentions

the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database that the Schema module uses to inspect the database.

so I imagine it has the functionality you're looking for, plus inspection of the live db if you need it.

Or if you don't mind wading through a large krumo array you can always use drupal_get_schema()

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You can list db tables with

  • mysql: show tables;
  • psql: \d

However, a better way to get field information would be via a Drupal module and use:

To get the detailed field and instance information.

Table information for each field is also stored in the info structure.

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