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I have created a view that displays in a bulletin format, which works fine. My challenge is when I click on the bulletin which has a pdf attachment, I want it to immediately download/open the attached pdf file. Currently it takes me to second screen(see attached) which has a pdf attachment. I would like to get pdf attachment downloaded immediately when I click on the bulletin, National Arts Festival Grahamstown 27 June to 7 July 2013 from the first screen(see attached).

I have tried to use file force drupal module but seems not to be doing the trick.

Herewith an attachments. first screen second screen

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If want to Download File, then use DownloadFile module.

a module to direct download files or images.

If want to open PDF, then use PDF Reader module

will render your entity file fields with the selected PDF renderer.

and PDF module.

Use HTML5 to display PDF files if users don't have pdf plugin for their browsers.

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