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I need to be able to select multiple webforms and then be able to export all of their results in a single CSV download.

I am considering using this module (Views data export) but I'm not yet sure it will fit the task.

Any suggestions on the approach you would take would be appreciated.

UPDATE: I approached this using the 'Webform Mysql Views' module but the process is incredibly time consuming as each Webform needs to have a view created for its submissions. These fields then need to be associated in the Webform Submissions view and duplicate fields need to be merged.

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Webform 4.x is integrated out of the box with views on drupal 7.

  1. Upgrade to last webform 7.x-4.x release.version
  2. Create a view: webform submissions enter image description here
  3. Select each field: webform submission data:Value and your webform node to extract the fields field configuration

To download all results the best option is Views data export, you should configure it to use batch for better performance.

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