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How can I get the success/failure response of drupal_mail() generated by another modules?

hook_mail_alter() doesn't return success/fail and drupal_mail() is only helpful if the message is coming from my module.

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The only way I can see is implementing hook_watchdog(), and look for a error message that matches "Error sending e-mail (from %from to %to)."

function mymodule_watchdog(array $log_entry) {
  if ($log_entry['message'] == 'Error sending e-mail (from %from to %to)') {
    // ...  

The alternative would be implementing a class that replaces DefaultMailSystem, which is a class implementing MailSystemInterface. To achieve this, it is enough to change the value of the mail_system Drupal variable.

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For a nice example of how to implement a MailSystemInterface. Take a look at the maillog module. – thepearson Mar 5 '13 at 22:02

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