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In Drupal 6, I have added fivestar widget to 'Story' nodes. Now I want to make a view to sort the stories according to their average fivestar ratings. But I don't see Fivestar among the 'Sort criteria', so how can I do the sorting based on Fivestar?

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To start with, just enable the top_content default view which comes with the VotingAPI module. Its Fivestar display has the sorting set up as follows:

Relationship: Vote results
Add sort criterion: Vote results: Value, Relationship: Voting results

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You don't have to configure anything. Once you've installed the modules and enabled the top_content view, at the pages /top-rated-points and /top-rated-percent there's the list of top rated content. Anyway, don't touch the relationship, have a look at the Vote results: Value Rating field and its formatting options. – Jan Tomka Aug 1 '11 at 3:55
This seems to actually sort on something other than the average vote... If a node has been voted on by many users, should I be able to sort the nodes by "average vote" using this method? If so It doesn't seem to be working. – Brad Hein Mar 28 '13 at 18:53

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