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do you think, it is possible to display in views the languages the node was translated to? I mean something like this:

First article

Second article

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Have you tried to implement my answer? – Martin Schlagnitweit Aug 26 '11 at 6:21

Yes it is possible.

I have done something similar in Drupal 7 some time ago. Here is how to do it:

Create your View

Create a Fields style View with your required filters and sorting

Add the relationship to the Translations

  1. Add a relationship to the translations: Content translation: Translations
  2. As Translation option choose All
  3. Add a filter Content translation: Language and choose Current user's language

Add the Fields

  1. Add the field Content: Title with no relation and with Link this field to the original piece of content disabled
  2. Add the field Content translation: Language with the Translations relation added before and with Link this field to the original piece of content enabled
  3. In the Format Settings choose Content: Title as Grouping Field

Format the list

The horizontal list of the languages can be achieved by CSS formatting

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