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After creating a vertical tab in my installation profile I keep getting these notices:

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$collapsible in field_group_pre_render_tab()


Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$collapsed in field_group_pre_render_tab()

Here is the code I use to make a vertical tab in my installation profile:

$verticalTab = new stdClass();
$verticalTab->disabled = FALSE;
$verticalTab->identifier = 'group_attachments|node|foo|form';
$verticalTab->group_name = 'group_attachments';
$verticalTab->entity_type = 'node';
$verticalTab->bundle = 'foo';
$verticalTab->mode = 'form';
$verticalTab->label = 'Attachments';
$verticalTab->children = array( 1 => 'attachment');
$verticalTab->format_type = 'tab';
$verticalTab->weight = '0';

So am I missing something? or has this notice got nothing to do with the vertical tab and do I have to look elsewhere?

Any help to fix this notice would be appreciated.

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Normally the collapsed and collapsible properties are used on fieldsets. It looks like field_group is expecting for an undefined property on the vertical tabs object.

You could try adding them to your definition as such:

$verticalTab->collapsible = FALSE;
$verticalTab->collapsed = FALSE;

That should keep the field_group module happy.

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Thanks for your quick response, unfortunately this didn't solve my problem. In my vertical tab I have a 'file upload' field. Once I select an image and press upload, that is the moment the notices appear. Could the attachment field be the problem? – mparryy Nov 15 '13 at 10:05

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