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I am migrating a site from Apache to IIS.

When I backed up the database Clean Urls was active, now my links do not work and I have to add ?q= to them! Some links work well but the Admin pages are not shown and they display a white screen!

How can I disable Clean Urls?

Also, my images that are customized with ImageCache are not showing! They return a link to a broken image.

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Edit settings.php and add:

$conf = array(
  'clean_url' => 0,

Use drush:

drush vset clean_url 0

You can also edit the database as well.

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how to use drush? or database? please help me more...? – AmirHossein Aug 29 '11 at 20:18
With phpMyAdmin open the variables table and change the value of clean_url to 0. – BetaRide Feb 22 '12 at 15:44
Your choice - If you have Drush installed, it is much easier. (see: drupal.org/node/5590) – user908998 Jul 1 '14 at 18:13

I had a similar issue where I created a site on my testing server then migrated it to a shared hosting environment and I couldn't get any inner pages to work due the the URLs being rewritten. But mod-rewrite wasn't turned on on the shared hosting environment so I kept getting a 500 Internal error. Here's what I did in settings.php for Drupal 7.

 * Turning off clean urls
$conf['clean_url'] = 0;

It worked like a charm

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If you need deactivate the clean URL from database you can try with

UPDATE  `variable` SET  `value` =0 WHERE  `name` =  'clean_url'
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