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Philip Ramirez

Mothered by Lissa while trying to become a better script kiddie and understand that "cgi" thing around the same time he convinced his dad to buy him Redhat 7 Unleashed, because sadly The Happy Hacker's Guide wasn't available at his local Barnes & Nobles and he was playing with linux on a spare PC because that is what at the time he [i]knew[/i] the real hackers did, Philip Ramirez started programming in PHP because he felt he had learned what he could with HTML and CSS and that, since javascript was only used for DHTML effects, that server-side had more possibilities.

The serverside development journey started off slow but Philip quickly learned the art of RTFM and appreciated the PHP docs for the reference it was. His first paying job was developing a file management system for a design firm who had a client that wanted to allow their clients to easily upload and view project files. This started a on-off 3 year professional relationship as the lead developer on projects with the design firm Amedia Creative.

In 2009 on opportunity emerged to help develop the website for a Harvard Student Organization, IMUSE. In 2010, the Bienmoyo Foundation was looking for a django developer to assist in the development of their prenatal patient care web application and so Philip decided he'd be up for the challenge of learning Django and python after years of PHP. The change was for the best though as Django now became his goto hammer.