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Top new questions this week:

Custom migrate source plugin, extends FieldableEntity class, has migrate status of [error] No migrations found. Why?

I'm writing a migrate source plugin for migrating D7 entityform (entityform module) submissions. If anyone has done this or knows an existing plugin, please let me know. I am trying to extend the ...

entities migration  
asked by Link Swanson 2 votes
answered by Link Swanson 1 vote

How do I change layout?

A disclaimer first: I am a professional medievalist, not a programmer or a front-ender. I have some front-end knowledge, but not a lot. So, please, be easy on me. Now, I am customizing a Bootstrap 4 ...

theming bootstrap-theme  
asked by Jables89 2 votes

Filter by text of a field of an entity displayed in a view

I have following content types: "Person" and "Publication" and I'm showing the publications using a view on a page, showing title, year, venue and authors. The authors in "...

views nodes  
asked by comniemeer 1 vote
answered by prkos 1 vote

How do I fetch all users in a comment thread?

I want to send notifications to users that have posted in a comment thread. I need to get the user IDs in an event subscriber that will be triggered when comments are created/edited, so performance ...

comments 9  
asked by M.Anagnostopoulos 1 vote

Newbie Taxonomy and Content Question

I'm new to Drupal (having used Perch CMS and PHP for years). Forgive me if I bumble the terminology a bit. I've been furiously going over documentation and tutorials. Sorry in advanced for being ...

views theming taxonomy-terms  
asked by Raymond Wiggins 1 vote
answered by Patrick Kenny 0 votes

How to unpublish nodes which are missing in migration source?

I have a CSV file with two rows. I executed the migration and two nodes are imported. Now I deleted one row from the CSV and execute the migration again. I now want to unpublish the node which is ...

8 migration  
asked by Ahmad 1 vote
answered by KUSHAL AGRAWAL 0 votes

Display status message after submitting modal popup form

Ok so i have a custom entity and want to display a custom delete form. Have created the Route and everything works except for Drupal messenger displaying status message after submission, even after a ...

8 modal-dialogs status-messages  
asked by Key 1 vote
answered by Rahulmon Johnson 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I change a user's password?

How can I change a user's password from the command line using Drush?

users drush  
asked by markdorison 90 votes
answered by tim.plunkett 128 votes

How to get $_POST and $_GET parameters

I ajaxly call a route and pass data to it, In my controller, I want to get $_POST['var'] , $_POST['var2'], it seems because of using HttpFoundation in drupal 8, $_POST and $_GET are not exists in old ...

asked by Yuseferi 34 votes
answered by Clive 76 votes

How do I correctly setup caching for my custom block showing content depending on the current node?

I have this very basic block which just shows the current node's ID. <?php /** * @file * Contains \Drupal\mymodule\Plugin\Block\ExampleEmptyBlock. */ namespace Drupal\mymodule\Plugin\Block; ...

8 blocks caching  
asked by Alex 27 votes
answered by Vagner 42 votes

How do I programmatically show a view block?

I created a view block, whose machine name is "news." How do I display it using module_invoke() and the machine name of the view?

7 views blocks  
asked by vitaly.batonov 31 votes
answered by tostinni 65 votes

Get taxonomy terms

I wanted to retrieve taxonomy terms from a certain vocabulary in Drupal 8. Apparently I can still do it using taxonomy_get_tree but it's deprecated. I now have to use TermStorageInterface::loadTree ...

taxonomy-terms 8  
asked by Romain Braun 20 votes
answered by Berdir 43 votes

Database error: Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet'

this has driven me crazy, I just couldn't find out what is wrong with it. I moved my site onto a test directory under my domain '/drupal_test', I have transferred the database over, set up ...

asked by the_summer_bee 2 votes
answered by Ankit Agrawal 1 vote

Drush needs a higher bootstrap level to run

Do you have any idea on what might be causing this error when I execute: drush si geoslate --db-url='mysql://root:root@localhost/geoslate' --site-name=Geoslate Command site-install needs a higher ...

asked by Andrew Welch 16 votes
answered by 4life 19 votes

Can you answer these questions?

systemAdminMenuBlockPage callback not respecting menu link permissions

I added a custom permission on "admin/commerce/config" to disable access for certain user roles. class RouteSubscriber extends RouteSubscriberBase { /** * {@inheritdoc} */ public ...

8 commerce navigation  
asked by mgoubert 1 vote

How can I access nested data?

Im currently using Drupal's http client manager module to pull data from a json endpoint. I am having trouble getting this to work for a nested structure like this. { count: 2431 page_info: [] ...

8 http-request  
asked by tnum 1 vote

Prevent access from files with direct url

In the Group module people can upload files if they're group manager. But the thing is, these files should be restricted to the group and everyone who isn't a member may not see this files. The ...

8 group  
asked by Tetragrammaton 1 vote
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