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Top new questions this week:

Is there a way to partially rebuild the router or invalidate a route cache?

I'm using the Groups module (http://dgo.to/group) to set up groups on a SaaS project I'm working on. I've set up a domain field on the groups, allowing groups to have vanity domain. As such, groups ...

8 routes caching  
asked by Jaypan 4 votes
answered by 4k4 4 votes

Saving a webform programmatically in a custom webform handler throws "Entity validation was skipped."

I am trying to save a webform submission inside the postSave in a CustomWebformHandler class. class CustomWebformHandler extends WebformHandlerBase { [..] public function ...

8 webforms  
asked by Simon 3 votes
answered by jrockowitz 3 votes

Is there any convention about the form IDs?

Is there a convention for the form IDs? I see that core sometimes uses module_name.form_name and sometimes module_name_form_name. In my case, I'm using module_name.form_name.

8 forms  
asked by Adrian Cid Almaguer 3 votes
answered by kiamlaluno 6 votes

Dealing with installed modules/extensions in composer packages removed from composer.json

I had brought up a similar question on StackOverflow, but it hasn't gotten much traction because of a lack of understanding of Drupal, I think. The issue we are experiencing happens when a developer ...

8 drush composer  
asked by Mike Godin 2 votes

drush migrate-upgrade "[debug] key_value table not found. Database may be empty."

I am trying to migrate a D7 site to D8 following the steps found here . Once I can manage it and make sure I have all the PHP components, Drupal modules and etc. I have 4 sites to update, and one ...

8 drush migration composer  
asked by Andrew 2 votes
answered by Alan Dixon 2 votes

Different CSS file when in development mode

Using Gulp I create two css files. One style.css and one style.min.css. Is it possible to load the style.css when developing (locally) and the style.min.css when in production (remote)?

asked by Joost 2 votes
answered by Rainer Feike 3 votes

How do I Install an earlier version of Drupal 8 with composer because install fails on server with PHP 5.6?

My server is using PHP version 5, therefore, I need to install Drupal 8 version 8.6.18. But when I try, composer create-project drupal-composer/drupal-project:8.x-dev my_site_name_dir --no-interaction ...

8 composer  
asked by Panda 2 votes
answered by anoopjohn 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Manually disable a module

In Drupal 7, I could manually edit the {system} table in the database to disable a stubbon module. In my Drupal 8 site, this table is gone. How can I manually disable a module in Drupal 8?

asked by bumpaw 39 votes
answered by Jigarius 34 votes

Drush command to download AND enable a module

To download and install a module, I run: drush dl module_name drush en module_name -y I put that in a Bash script function, and just call "drin module_name" to simplify. function drin(){ drush ...

asked by radj 47 votes
answered by DrupalDrop 83 votes

Adding a new user directly in database

I've been given the files to a Drupal site so I can create a new theme. I haven't, however, been given the Drupal admin user/password date so I can't sign in to the admin area. Is there a way I can ...

6 users database  
asked by Jane 12 votes
answered by Jorrit Schippers 9 votes

Adding form placeholders to text input fields

Is there a way to convert a regular form and add placeholders with a module, or should this be done with a form template or with jQuery?

theming forms  
asked by chrisjlee 22 votes
answered by Clive 31 votes

The directory sites/default/files exists but is not writable and could not be made writable

We've recently had a few problems with our server, which seem to have been all patched up by myself, my host, and the cPanel team. However, since then we have been having problems with ...

asked by Mrweiner 5 votes
answered by chiddidilikahrn 16 votes

"OR" condition in db_select()

I am studying the new database layer, and I am glad it is changed to an OOP layer. I need to implement a query with db_select(). I found I can add a WHERE statement with $query->condition(), but by ...

7 database  
asked by Yusef 51 votes
answered by Yusef 23 votes

Get Image URL in Twig

I want to render an image as a background image via an inline style in twig. I created a field called bg_image and attached it to the standard plain page. After fiddling around for hours I was able ...

theming 8 files  
asked by Jannis Hell 22 votes
answered by 4k4 31 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Invalidate cache of views block for anonymous users

I have a view display block that needs to be updated every 8 hours. I tried Views Custom Cache Tag module https://www.drupal.org/project/views_custom_cache_tag but I could not make it work. I set my ...

views 8 caching  
asked by JetSet 1 vote

Styling page-wide sections of an arbitrary page

Normally, the main content container is "centered" so that the page is, by default, not page wide. This works in 95% of the cases. Except for when design calls for a page-wide section (i.e. centered ...

8 theming  
asked by Joseph 1 vote

Sorting a view on a taxonomy term with entityqueue

I'm trying to use an entity queue on a taxonomy to create a new sort order for an existing view. But I'm having trouble configuring it. I've created a dummy website with a fantasy role-playing game ...

views queue  
asked by user1359 2 votes
answered by hotwebmatter 0 votes
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