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Is possible to have OR logic on block visibility?

I am on D10. I need to place several blocks on Block Layout having different visibility conditions: for example one of them should visible BOTH in the home page and in every article of the site. I'd ...

blocks plugins  
user avatar asked by Giuseppe Score of 3
user avatar answered by 4uk4 Score of 4

PDOStatement::execute(): SSL: Broken pipe

I have a Drupal 9.5.11 site running well on a single EC2 instance and a remote MySQL server (RDS). I am trying to replicate a very similar scenario with a single EC2 instance but I am using AWS ...

user avatar asked by Josh Score of 1
user avatar answered by Josh Score of 0

Minimum order amount

How to limit the possibility of completing an order less or more than the specified amount in Commerce 2? For 7 there was a module: https://www.drupal.org/project/commerce_moa but not for 8+...

commerce 10  
user avatar asked by VVS Score of 1

How does the RDF module impact user mapping when using the Acquia Migrate Accelerate (AMA) tool?

Before Acquia's AMA tool was open source, I used it on their platform to upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. I am in the process of upgrading to Drupal 10 and want to uninstall the RDF module (don't ...

9 rdf  
user avatar asked by Shay97 Score of 1

Widget Field Changed VIA Javascript is empty in AJAX callback

So I am using the Geolocation module, specifically with the google maps API. I have a geolocation field. This field is unlimited to allow for adding multiple points to a map. This all works fine. I ...

javascript google-maps  
user avatar asked by Michael Garrido Score of 1

How do I override settings.php for Symfony Mailer to use Mailhog for local development?

Now that I am supporting Drupal 10, I needed to set up Mailhog to allow local capturing of emails when I'm testing in my local Docker environment. I used to use the SMTP and Mail System modules and ...

emails configuration  
user avatar asked by ChumKui Score of 1
user avatar answered by ChumKui Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I get the taxonomy term name from a term ID?

I'm trying to get a taxonomy term name by term ID. According to another post, I should load the term first: $term = \Drupal::entityTypeManager()->getStorage('taxonomy')->load($tid); But then I ...

8 taxonomy-terms  
user avatar asked by Diana Score of 14
user avatar answered by Anisha Shaikh Score of 7

How do I access a field value for an entity (e.g. node) object?

node_load((int) $nid) loads a fully-populated node entity. $node->title->value gets the title, but how do I access field values in Drupal 8?

8 entities  
user avatar asked by dbj44 Score of 80
user avatar answered by Ashkar A.Rahman Score of 126

How to change the length of field settings?

I have set once to a website a lenght limit to a field. And now the client wants to put more characters to that field. I cannot change the maximum size from Drupal because I get the following error ...

7 entities database  
user avatar asked by radu c Score of 50
user avatar answered by tostinni Score of 94

Get path to theme assets in Twig template

I have a question about getting a path to an image in a Twig template. The image is not assigned to a field or something. Just a static image which is stored in "MYTHEME/image/icon/my-icon.png". In ...

media 8 theming  
user avatar asked by Yetispapa Score of 37
user avatar answered by pjcarly Score of 71

How to get taxonomy term name from tid?

A lot of our stuff has uris formatted like site/taxonomy/XX, where XX is an integer. I found a lot of questions like "how to get the TID from the name?", but I'd like to get the name from the TID. I'...

7 taxonomy-terms  
user avatar asked by Brodie Score of 37
user avatar answered by Clive Score of 99

Check if a user has a role

How can I check if a user has a certain role?

7 users  
user avatar asked by giorgio79 Score of 48
user avatar answered by marcvangend Score of 93

Problem installing in local "The translation server is offline"

I'm trying to install Drupal 8 on my laptop (localhost on a WAMP server), and I always get the following error in the first steps: Requirements problem The translation server is offline. ...

user avatar asked by vicenteherrera Score of 6
user avatar answered by rpayanm Score of 19
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