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Top new questions this week:

How to add an autocomplete field with pure javascript

I'm implementing the javascript library Annotorious which allow to add annotations on an image. My goal is to be able to link content with part of the image select with Annotorious. When we select a ...

8 javascript ajax  
asked by Claire D 4 votes
answered by Claire D 3 votes

How to get a view result programmatically without exposed filters respected

I have some views of display page which I do not want to show to public if there would not be any result when accessed without any exposed filters set. I have a custom views access plugin and a custom ...

asked by Tobias Krause 3 votes

Issue trying to implement the Swagger UI module in Drupal: ReferenceError: SwaggerUIBundle is not defined

I am trying to integrate the Swagger UI module into Drupal 8 after adding custom REST routes/resources. I have installed the OpenAPI, OpenAPI_UI, and OpenAPI_Rest modules and I'm able to get a valid ...

asked by stepko90 2 votes
answered by stepko90 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Hide a field label

Is there a way to hide the field label when rendering a custom field in Drupal 7? In my node template I have: <?php print render($content['field_image']); ?> Which gives me: <div class="...

7 theming entities  
asked by Ben 22 votes

Pass raw html to #markup

I have some html content, it comes from a external library so i can not change it, it has many <span> and <div> tags with attributes like: <span style="color: #0000ff;">, but when i ...

theming 8  
asked by Yukare 33 votes
answered by donquixote 24 votes

How do I create a link?

Say I am extending The blockBase class to create a custom block, and I am implementing the blockBuild method to create some markup for my block. Something like this: class YourModuleBlock extends ...

navigation 8  
asked by dbj44 31 votes
answered by Eugene 63 votes

Add a custom submission handler to a form

How can I add a custom form submission handler? I tried adding $form['#submit'][] = 'mymodule_form_submit'; or $form['actions']['submit']['#submit'][] = 'mymodule_form_submit'; to hook_form_alter(). ...

forms 8  
asked by Yuseferi 25 votes
answered by MrD 30 votes

How to change the length of field settings?

I have set once to a website a lenght limit to a field. And now the client wants to put more characters to that field. I cannot change the maximum size from Drupal because I get the following error ...

7 entities database  
asked by Ek Kosmos 50 votes
answered by tostinni 91 votes

Adding a new user directly in database

I've been given the files to a Drupal site so I can create a new theme. I haven't, however, been given the Drupal admin user/password date so I can't sign in to the admin area. Is there a way I can ...

6 users database  
asked by Jane 13 votes
answered by Jorrit Schippers 10 votes

How to get rid of added URLs when printing a Bootstrap-themed page?

When I print a page from my Bootstrap-themed site, all the links (and images with attached urls) have a printed representation of the link inserted into the printed page, right after the linked object....

javascript printing  
asked by Jim Miller 17 votes
answered by Jim Miller 32 votes
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