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Top new questions this week:

EntityQuery where multi-value field contains a value

I've been programming for 15 years, 10 with PHP, but on my 1st Drupal project. Using Drupal 9. I'm trying to retrieve an entity (custom content type) that has 2 multi-value entity (user) fields. If ...

asked by Ed Coakley 2 votes
answered by sonfd 2 votes

Why can't some fields be moved within details element?

I am trying to move 2 form fields to the advanced sidebar: dismissible and status. Status was already part of the meta container and setting #group='meta' on dismissable also placed it there; but ...

8 forms  
asked by liquidcms 2 votes
answered by Clive 2 votes

Filter view based on current user's role and taxonomy terms

I have three content types. Article Basic Page Custom Page All the content types have a field_interests field, which can have multiple values, and which is an entity reference field to the interests ...

asked by Steve Siddu 1 vote

How to implement TrustedCallbackInterface

I'm maintaining a module that I've had a 3rd party dev build for me. I D9 this issue has appeared when using the module that otherwise works in D8 and should be compatible with 8 & 9. The module ...

asked by Kristoffer Rom 1 vote
answered by anonymous 4 votes

How to build core test database?

Fifteen years writing Drupal code and yet I have never written unit tests. I have recently posted a couple core patches which require tests to be written for them - so good time to learn how to write ...

9 testing  
asked by liquidcms 1 vote
answered by Christoph Burschka 0 votes

What's the equivalent of drupal_build_css_cache()?

Our client uses an external website for some of their pages. This provider does not enable us to theme their website directly, but they do allow us to load a single JS file from the Drupal site that ...

8 css-js-aggregation  
asked by Geat 1 vote
answered by anonymous 2 votes

How to use migrate process plugin concat on multiple values?

I am trying to import from a csv that has multiple files in the same column, e.g. title,gallery,tag node1,img1.jpg|img2.jpg|img3.jpg,2 node2,img4.jpg,2 node3,img5.jpg|img6.jpg,3 I need to prepend the ...

8 migration plugins  
asked by jofitz 1 vote
answered by Hudri 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Hide a field label

Is there a way to hide the field label when rendering a custom field in Drupal 7? In my node template I have: <?php print render($content['field_image']); ?> Which gives me: <div class="...

7 theming entities  
asked by Ben 21 votes
answered by googletorp 24 votes

How to programmatically trigger a click on an AJAX enabled form submit button?

I'm trying to programmatically (with jQuery) trigger a click on button with AJAX behavior in a Drupal form, but so far jQuery('#edit-submit').click() doesn't do anything. A real mouse click on that ...

7 ajax javascript  
asked by Daniel 28 votes
answered by Daniel 46 votes

Check if a user has a role

How can I check if a user has a certain role? I found this but it is for Drupal 6.

7 users  
asked by giorgio79 46 votes
answered by marcvangend 92 votes

How do I get the raw field value in a twig template?

myfield is a plain text field. {{ content.field_myfield }} renders the field with HTML markup and the field label. How do I render the raw value of the field? {{ content.field_myfield.value }} doesn'...

8 theming  
asked by Pim 37 votes
answered by No Sssweat 65 votes

How can I automatically upload images on file selection rather than pressing the upload button?

I have a custom content type to allow users to upload images. I'm trying to keep the interface as simple as possible. The content type contains a single image field. This works, but some users don'...

7 media  
asked by Patrick Kenny 53 votes

How should I implement hook_menu()?

What are the fundamentals of implementing hook_menu()? I would like to see the basics covered in a single question, to avoid having to answer the same similar but different questions over and over.

7 routes  
asked by Letharion 106 votes
answered by Letharion 152 votes

Get all nodes of given type

I would like to get all nodes that are of my_custom_type type in Drupal 8. I know I can get all the nodes (of any type) with \Drupal\node\Entity\Node::loadMultiple() and the list of all types by \...

nodes 8  
asked by PolGraphic 30 votes
answered by Shawn Conn 53 votes

Can you answer this question?

How can I let users select existing media entities in a webform?

I am a beginner in drupal and I am creating a course form I would like you to help me with a field in the webform. I need to add a field where users can add an image and documents but from the files ...

media webforms  
asked by Yusmely Mejias 1 vote
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