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How to hide header and footer from 404 page?

I create a 404 page on D7 site ( ie. mysite.com/404), which is a Basic Page. I am trying to hide the header and footer from this page. The header and footer are blocks, and they are placed in every page using Context. I tried tweaking the Context so that if Path = 404, hide the header and footer.

It works when I go to mysite.com/404. However I try to hit an alias that doesn't exist (ie. mysite.com/asdf), instead of redirecting to /404, Drupal pulls the node body of the 404 page and stay at /asdf. The rule in the Context therefore doesn't apply.

I don't want to use the Visibility control in the Block module because migrating the configuration between sites can be troublesome. How would you go about it?